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Our Team

At PsycHealth Solutions, you will meet a team of professional counselors, psychologists and mediators who are diverse in skills, competence’s and experience to help you recognize, define, overcome and improve your adjustments in relation to social & emotional challenges. This we do through consultations, education, mediation, counseling, and psychological services. All our practitioners adhere to the professional ethics as well as uphold WHO mental health quality rights.

Counseling psychologist (M.A).

She is a family therapist and has passion in counseling adolescents to make them realize their potential.

A Counseling Psychologist, (M.A).

A trained counseling psychologist specialized in family therapy, group therapy, trauma, child/adolescents.

A Counseling Psychologist, (M.A).

She is a counseling Psychologist more on career and organizational counseling.

Counselor & Parenting Coach (MSC)

She is an inspirational speaker, Adolescents Counselor and is passionate about coaching and mentoring young parents.

Psychological Counselor, (B.A).

A psychological counselor with five years of experience in psychological therapies and intervention.

Licensed Counsellor & Organizational Psychologist, (M.A).

A trained professional counselor with rich human resource background and as such her expertise is realized a lot in organizational psychology

Addiction Counselor & Mediator (M.A). A certified professional counselor and a Mediator (M.A).

Fidelma has vast knowledge and experience in areas of psychology, counseling, commercial and family mediation.

A Psychologist & Educationist (Ph.d)

An experienced psychologist, educationist, and a mentor. Her expertise is in Counseling Psychology.

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