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Welcome to PsycHealth Solutions

Why such  a group of  Practioners?

The idea of having a healing paradigm as a group of professional Counsellors and psychologist was a very positive move. There are a few of practitioners who due to many challenges are demotivated and are seeking employment and  this is the gap that PsycHealth Solutions intends to fill.

Our Goal

To improve quality practice by encouraging the use of emerging best practices evidence based, support services such as Family focused, person centered, culturally responsive and trauma informed. To enable people, improve their state of well-being and live healthy productive and resilient lives.


Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 9.00am-5.00pm
Saturday 9.00am-5.00pm
Sunday On Appointments

Assurance of 
Quality Services

use emerging or best practices that are evidence based

Our guiding principles

Leave no one behind


Result based programming and case management

Gender equality and social inclusion

Human rights-based approach

Confidentiality and privacy


Our Therapeutic
Menu Includes:


a) Talk and Interpretation


Our Therapeutic
Menu Includes:


b) Behavior Modification


Our Therapeutic
Menu Includes:


c) Biological/ Drug therapy

Our Services

Individual Therapy

This involves one-to-one relationship between a patient/client and therapist with a goal of helping you overcome obstacles to your well-being.

Self-Help Support Groups

We facilitate individuals who get together on a regular basis to discuss topics and exchange ideas with others having similar problems/ challenges and who are surviving and sometimes even thriving.


Our motivation focuses on psychological resistance in task motivation and performance. We approach motivation in the way that you yourself might-by asking about the goals a person is trying to accomplish in everyday life. Goal approaches to motivation include the concept of self-regulation.

Couple & Family Therapy

This is for married and unmarried couples; We focus not on personalities but on the processes of the relationship, particularly on patterns of conflict and communication.

Seminar, Workshops & Conferences

Our two key concepts involve empowerment and psychoeducation- assisting individuals to develop the skills they need to control their own lives. Seminars, workshops, and conferences are themes to address mental health and psychosocial topics that affect our everyday life.

Group Therapy

This therapy brings together individuals who share mental health condition and psychosocial disabilities in sessions that are typically led by a mental health professional.

Evaluations & Psychometric Assessments

For both adults and children, we use information such as standardized evaluation tools, current problems or family functioning, medical history, in addition to other information.

Additional Services
Offered by PsycHealth Solutions

With our objectives being to increase areas of people to information, facilities and services on mental health, psychosocial support, and conflict resolution in our communities, we try to cover many areas as much as possible.

Therapies and health and wellness / Health Counseling

Because physical illness and especially chronic diseases bring stress to victims and family, we offer psychotherapy to help cope by reducing psychological problems such as depression that are related to physical illness, this also enhances psychological wellness and personal growth.
Our counseling process in this area revolves around helping clients understand and cope with their feelings and emotions associated with their health problems and also help clients adhere to treatment ad management of their illness.

Employee Assisted Programs

We provide a benefit program which provides usually short-term counselling for problems that employees may be facing in their personal lives but that can affect their on-the-job performance. The program also allows counsellors to help people who might not otherwise seek counselling but who need help in their personal lives and who may be struggling.

Referal Services

We provide referral support to severe mental health conditions and psychosocial disabilities for treatment and care, including coordination with other relevant service providers.

Consultancy Services

We offer consultancy services in all our areas of expertise. We partner with institutions/organizations to provide continuous professional counseling and counseling supervision.


We offer mediation services that are confidential and non-partisan to bring out the issues of conflict; these services include but not limited to- family mediation, labor & workplace.

Promoting psychosocial support in response to Covid- 19

We provide services related to psychosocial and mental health support as part of our comprehensive approach to Covid- 19 response. Our objectives here are to (i) Ensure that people who are already having mental health conditions and psychosocial disabilities in the society have access to psychosocial services and mental health support in order to mitigate the impacts of Covid-19 and (ii) To increase peoples’ access to information, facilities and services on mental health and psychosocial support in the Covid-19 context.

How to cope with stress – during COVID-19 pandemic . 

Cases / Problems
That we help you solve

While there are many causes that may lead to psychological issues, the following are the major cases that we help you solve.

Alcohol & Substance Abuse 0
Wounded marriage & family relationships 0
Trauma and Post Trauma Stress Disorders 0
Loss & Grief 0

Our Team

Counseling psychologist (M.A).

She is a family therapist and has passion in counseling adolescents to make them realize their potential.

A Counseling Psychologist, (M.A).

A trained counseling psychologist specialized in family therapy, group therapy, trauma, child/adolescents.

A Counseling Psychologist, (M.A).

She is a counseling Psychologist more on career and organizational counseling.

Counselor & Parenting Coach (MSC)

She is an inspirational speaker, Adolescents Counselor and is passionate about coaching and mentoring young parents.

Psychological Counselor, (B.A).

A psychological counselor with five years of experience in psychological therapies and intervention.

Licensed Counsellor & Organizational Psychologist, (M.A).

A trained professional counselor with rich human resource background and as such her expertise is realized a lot in organizational psychology

Addiction Counselor & Mediator (M.A). A certified professional counselor and a Mediator (M.A).

Fidelma has vast knowledge and experience in areas of psychology, counseling, commercial and family mediation.

A Psychologist & Educationist (Ph.d)

An experienced psychologist, educationist, and a mentor. Her expertise is in Counseling Psychology.